Additional Services

Hauling & Site Clean-Up

Haulingaway the debris is always included in the price of your tree service. We have our own trucks and haul all tree service debris such as logs, stumps, and limbs off the property after the tree work has been complete.  

For work and construction sites, we can transport soil and other landscaping material, remove debris from the job site, haul away unwanted dirt, gravel, sand, concrete, and metal as well.  For a Free Estimate on your project, tell us about your project here.  For more immediate assistance, call us at (919) 854-0020.


Our customers sometimes request remodeling for their property. Here at A+ Tree and Crane Services, Inc., we are qualified to perform the necessary demolition prior to reconstruction. We have dump trucks & crane services in Raleigh, NC for small projects and 18-wheeler dumping trailers for larger projects. We perform anything from demolishing the interior of a structure to the demolition of the entire building, concrete, asphalt, sidewalks, trees, etc.


A+ Tree and Crane Services, Inc. is a one stop shop. We perform grading of the terrain to develop the proper slopes and elevations as necessary for us to implement landscaping, concrete driveways, sidewalks and other flat work.

Emergency Tree Services in Raleigh & Elsewhere

A+ Tree and Crane works hard when the weather hits hard and we're on-call for emergencies when you need only the best tree service. We take 24/7 emergency calls and can provide hazardous tree removal & storm damage clean-up at any time of day or night. We have provided disaster relief & storm clean-up as far as Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, New York, New Jersey, and Virginia. We traveled to down to the Gulf after Hurricane Katrina and up north after Sandy. Call us today for the best quality / prices for tree service in Raleigh! 

Snow Removal Services

After major winter storms hit, commercial property owners contact us to clear up parking lots and access roads. Homeowners ask us for help to clear their driveways and through streets. Call us if you need help removing snow from your property

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