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The most important aspect of tree removal services is SAFETY. This includes the safety our customers and employees. As a homeowner you should always verify certificates of General Liability insurance and Workers Compensation before proceeding with Raleigh tree cutting.
A+ Tree & Crane Services, Inc. has $2,000,000 in liability insurance and workers comp coverage for our employees. The liability insurance is for the protection of your home and property. Any damage that occurs directly or indirectly as a result of the tree removal will be covered. Most insurance policies include personal injury. Personal injury does not cover any employees that are injured on the job. Workers Compensation insurance, however does cover employees that get injured. It covers any injury, disease, or death that occurs that is a result of employment. It relieves the property owner of any liability of injury, disease, or death that is a result employment.
If a contractor does not have liability insurance and damages your property it would be almost impossible to be compensated for your damage. If a contractor can’t afford the proper insurance, they will not be financially capable of repairing your house in the unfortunate event of an accident. If someone gets injured on your property, the injured individual can hold you personally liable for his injuries; if the contractor does not have the proper workers compensation insurance.
North Carolina Law restricts contractors from administering certificates of coverage. This is to prevent contractors from committing insurance fraud. In the past unethical companies have forged expiration dates after they have expired and administered them to potential customers. You must contact their insurance agency and request a copy of their insurance information.

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