Since 1996, we've been building a strong reputation by offering high quality and affordable tree services with a range of solutions for any challenging outdoor project. See below what some of our happy customers have to say about their experience with A+ Tree and Crane Service:
A+ Tree & Crane provided excellent service while removing a huge tree located close to our house. We have used A+ Tree & Crane in the past and will contact them again when needing additional tree work. Thank you Kenny and crew for another well done job.

- Brian Diggins
I received an estimate around 7:00 pm on Thursday night. Signed and emailed the contract the next morning and they showed up for work that day at 2:00. In 3 hours, they removed two large trees; the
largest had to be climbed and hand cut to avoid obstacles in the yard. Six men and 4 trucks were on the scene and never stopped working until it was done. It was like watching a well rehearsed choreographed play. Everyone knew what had to be done and they worked as a well-oiled machine. When they left, yes, there was evidence work had been done, but the grass was still intact, the double door metal gate the Bobcat had to be driven through over and over was never damaged nor was the house (there was only about 3" on each side of the Bobcat's wheel treads to
the fence). I've had tree service done in the past, but nothing like this. Very impressive!

- John Allanach
I had a precious feline child who had been up a tree for 3 days and was obviously not coming down on his own. Whereas he was higher than we could ready with even a 24-foot extension ladder, I needed help in getting him down. I called A+ Tree and Crane Services and they sent Marcus out the next morning. Marcus worked very hard to get my precious kitty down, despite the fact that my silly kitty just climbed higher and higher in the tree. (Though he desperately wanted down, he was also scared of being grabbed by a stranger.) Marcus had to go out on a very thin limb to get him and somehow managed to retrieve my cat and finally give him freedom from being stuck in the tree. A+ Tree and Crane Services can do more than just take care of trees. . .they can also retrieve your precious loved kitties! Thank you A+ Tree and Crane Services. I hope I never need your services again, but if I do, I will be calling you!!

- Nancy Bradley
We had 10 trees removed from our property yesterday and A+ Tree and Crane Services did and excellent job. The crew was very professional and completed the job in one day. I was amazed. It was like watching a precision military exhibition. Everyone knew exactly what to do to get the job done safely and effectively. And my property was left in good shape with all of the debris cleared away. Kudos to you. You run a very impressive business. I would recommend your company to anyone looking for tree removal.
- Pat Marzarick
Excellent overall experience with the A+ team. They were extremely responsive and speedy to deliver. Kenneth and his team did a great job. Thank you all for the great work!
- Jonathan Marrero
 I recommend this company! My neighbor was having her tree removed, so I called in to see if I could get one of my trees removed at the same time. They were able to accommodate me - even though this was a last minute call in! They did a fantastic job, cleaned up afterwards and their staff was pleasant and easy to work with!
- Melinda Curtis
Quality work. On time scheduling. Very efficient crew that took down 2 trees, ground the stumps, removed the chips, and blew off my driveway in 1.5 hours. Fantastic company to deal with. Will definitely use again. My neighbors have already asked me who to call and I gave them A+ tree service contact info! Thanks!
- Ryan Tutor
I received and estimate at 3:30 pm and by 5:00pm the job was completed. This is the way a company is supposed to work, great servCornerstone Facility Services, Inc.ice, professional workers and an outstanding job. When I do cut the remaining trees down,I will only call A.+ do the work.
- R L Hawley
A+ Tree and Crane Service did an absolutely amazing job on my property! I needed about 8 trees removed for various reasons, one of which was right next to my house and right over a gas line, along with some bushes/stumps grinded down. When Kenneth came out to do the original estimate, he also suggested I remove some limbs and raise the canopy on the big tree in my backyard. I didn't really think that was necessary, but I could tell he knew what he was talking about, so I went with it. I am so glad I did! Raising the canopy and removing the suggested limbs made such a difference!!! The crew was extremely respectful of my property and my next door neigbor's property, since the crane had to sit part way on both. I can't believe how quickly they were finished, cleaned up and how efficient they were. They definitely knew what they were doing and I didn't even worry about the gas line. (They did let me know they may need to call the gas company to come out, just in case, but it ended up being fine.) They did everything they were supposed to and Kenneth asked me to make sure I went around and make sure everything was to my standard and liking. It was. I can't believe the difference the tree removal has made on my property, the way my house looks and it's like I have a new backyard! I would trust them to remove more trees on my property and recommend them without a second thought.
- Amber Hicks
A+ Tree and Crane Services did an outstanding job removing our trees and bushes around the house. What a difference a day makes!! Your staff was very professional and we are truly satisfied with your services. I would highly recommend you to our family, friends and colleagues. Thanks again for doing a fantastic job!! Your crew was awesome. We will be calling you back in the future for more services!!
- Kathy Fitzpatick
Service was so good I sent a mass email out to Fonville Morisey who I work with to explain how excellent A+ Tree Removal was. Had an appointment on a Tuesday morning and he came and removed a tree and pruned another that evening. Very professional crew. They did such a great job, I called back a day later to get another quote on taking down another tree. I will definitely refer business to A+ Plus Tree services.
- Vince Lane
100% satisfied. Being 3 to 4 story pines were snuggled up between two houses, my nerves were on the very edge. But A+ put me at ease with there incredible performance. All four pines were removed without injury or damage to either home. When the time comes to remove the rest I will definitely use them again.
- Susan S.
A+ Trees were taking down a neighbor's tree. While they had their equipment out there, I asked them to take down two of my trees. They responded right away. I came home from work, and the trees were gone with no evidence of a mess or damage to surrounding shrubs. They did an excellent job and the price was great. The stumps were not ground as deep as I needed because the utility lines were not marked. We had some scheduling conflicts that Kenneth and Abby worked out with me. They were very polite and consistently responded in a positive manner. They came back out after the utility lines were marked and did a great job grinding up the stumps to my satisfaction. They cleaned up the area, too. I would hire them again. 
- Robin Boudwin
With out a doubt... The most efficient Tree and Crane Service in State!! 100% Customer Satisfaction, you can't get better service and when they are done, other the the missing tree(s).. you can't tell they were there. They are by far, the best in their field!! A true team!!
- Antoinette Noz
Being a leader with NC Baptist Men Disaster Recovery, I have experienced a tremendous amount of tree work all over the USA. I have literally been involved in thousands of tree jobs quite frankly. When a tree at my business was just way to difficult for me or anyone else in my acquaintances, A+ Tree is who I called. Let me tell you these guys are professionals and the very best I've ever seen. I highly recommend them if you need any kind of tree work, big or small. !!!
- Lin Honeycutt
The A+ tree removal crew did an amazing job at removing 3 large pine trees from my property. They were very professional, polite, and efficient, completing this job in just under 2.5 hours......now that is impressive! In addition, they cleaned up all debris really well; and for picky people like me, you will not be disappointed with the results. For their excellent customer service and very reasonable rate, I highly recommend A+ Tree and Crane Services.
- Dana Warrick
I would like to express how very satisfied we were with your service. We live out of town and was able to comfortable set up an appointment to have our work done. We thought we had to wait until we were in Raleigh to have how tree removed. To our surprise we were able to use street view to discuss the tree to be remove and it was done right away. The work was done quickly, cleanly with everything carted away and cleaned up. I have already decided to make another appt. for next month when I arrive in Raleigh. Now I surely look forward to moving to North Carolina, the hospitality and professionalism that we were shown is outstanding! I wish they did windows, painting, floors
- Thelma Abidally
A+Tree & Crane, I have nothing but good things to say about your work. I am very pleased with your service MEN! I have already recommended your services to my co-workers!  Thanks again!
- Sabrena Baker
These guys are true professionals! I had a very large pine tree in the backyard that needed to come down. Four guys, three trucks, two pieces of heavy equipment (bobcat and grinder) and one hour later, the tree was down and the stump was gone. Amazing! Real experts - I highly recommend A+ Tree & Crane. Customer Service was great too - very friendly, timely and knowledgeable. Thanks!!!
- Kathleen Brown
I needed 2 cypress trees to be removed from my backyard. From the time I contacted A+ for an estimate and talked to Angel, it was a positive experience. They came out promptly and gave a competitive estimate. Their insurance company sent me a certificate of insurance for liability and worker's comp for $2 million prior to the job. The crew were very professional and well coordinated. They did an excellent job quickly and left the yard as good as it was before they started work. I highly recommend A+ for small or big tree jobs.
- Raj Rao
Thank Goodness for A Plus Tree and Crane! 

In mid-May I made the mistake of trying to go cheap for a tree removal project. . The company accidentally knocked down 2 full grown trees (uprooting one completely) and sheared the tops off of three more trees. It was a disaster and I've been fighting for 2 weeks to have repairs/reimbursements. On the day of the incident, I had to fire them before they completed the rest of the project. My yard looked like a tornado had come through. 

I called A Plus Trees (who I have used in the past and did a great job) to help me. They came by quickly to give me an estimate. They had a clear idea of how to fix the uprooted tree and explained it to me so that I could understand and approve the process. I had one other company quote the project but he seemed unsure about how and whether he could resolve the problem. The original company who did the damage had no idea of how to remedy it. 

Ultimately, A Plus Trees did the job for me. Their employees worked quickly, safely, and were considerate and communicative. It was a completely opposite experience from the company that made such a mess, wore no protective hats or glasses, who cussed, smoked cigarettes and dropped their butts in the wooded back yard and spent days in my yard doing very little. Their boss dropped them off at my house and then left them there with non-working EQ and no way to leave. 

The experience with A Plus was not stressful in the least and brought back my piece of mind after they completed the job (which they did in about 8 hours!). They fixed the uprooted stump, filled the hole, smoothed it over, removed the 2 trees from my yard, that should not have come down and took down 3 other trees that we needed down. The trimmed the tops of the trees that had been damaged and removed a dangling large branch from a top a tall tree that had been worrying us for a year. 
I have a very tricky, sloped back yard. They had all the equipment necessary to maneuver around it, to move the large trees, to pulverize and shred the stump, etc. 

The experience was a clear reminder to make sure that if you have a big tree job, you absolutely must use a professional, reputable company. I'm sorry I strayed, but never again!! 
- Susan A.
These guys were awesome! They clearly knew what they were doing and got to work right away. It was like watching a beautifully choreographed dance - each man knew his job and stepped right up to perform his duties as required and the trees just disappeared in a flash. Other contractors had said what a difficult job it would be to remove our trees and APlus had no problems at all. In addition two days after they removed our dangerous trees we were in the path of the EF-1 tornado that hit Durham - if they had not removed those trees when they did, our house might have suffered serious damage. I recommend this company with no hesitation - they are great! 
- Elaine Bardes
Superb customer service, friendly, and workers were well-trained, professional and got the job done without fault. I would recommend to anyone!
- Peggy Altman
I had never used a tree service before & with this recent ice storm we had a terrible mess.I was really hesitant to call anyone because I had seen some of the work that some of the other companies were doing. I contacted A+ and that very same evening Angel & Kenneth came out & gave me an estimate & the crew was here the next morning. I had no idea a "crew" would be out here, but a crew it was. They worked like a well oiled machine. The whole entire group was courteous, polite even down to Angel & Kenneth. I will not ever have to go look anywhere else for a tree company. When they say A+, that is just wha they are. I call them A++++!!
- Robert Arnold
We recently had a bad ice storm in Burlington. It was just about impossible to find a contractor to even show up to give me a quote. I had one tree completely cover with poison oak vines that had fell and (4) others that needed to be removed. 

This past Wednesday evening I decided to look outside Alamance county for a tree service. I sent A+ Tree & Crane on their site a message about my problem and within 30 minutes they contacted me on phone and said they have an estimator in my area, and they would be happy to give me a quote. 

I obtained an estimate what I thought was excellent. I signed contract they did work Thursday. 

There work was "EXCELLENT", I am 110% satisfied with there company and work. Alamance County give this company a chance to quote your damages. You to will be another satisfied customer.
- Ricky Langley
Wow. Fast service. Best Price. Job well done. I will tell all my friends.
- Dennis Naue
A+ Tree and Crane Service removed a tree, ground the stump and left a very clean yard. I will use them again should the need arise.
- Tim Ward
I recently had A+ come and remove 4 oak trees. Two of them were very large and hanging over the house. They were very fast at removing the trees and they left the place better looking than when they came. I am completely satisfied with the service that I received from A+ and I would definitely use them again.
- Alan S.
A+ Tree & Crane did an outstanding job. They were at my house to give me a quote within hours of calling them. The quoted price was very reasonable. The crew that came to do the work was right on time, and did the work professionally and very quickly. They did a great job removing a number of trees for me, and left my yard cleaner than it was when they arrived.
- Steve D.
A+ Tree and Crane Service just completed a job of removing 37 trees from my home, mostly quite large (10"-25" trunks, typically 80-100+ feet tall), including stump grinding. Six trees required use of a crane due to proximity to house, driveway and shrubbery. A+ was very responsive--from estimate to removal in just over a week. I was very impressed with the skill and teamwork exhibited by the crew (ranging from 5 to 7 people). It was a well-orchestrated effort with each team member knowing what to do, when, and where to be to make the whole job go smoothly. I noticed they even have a system of hand signals to communicate over the noise created when all the equipment is running (chipper, chain saws, crane, stump grinder). Two team members were particularly impressive--the tree climber who so skillfully dismantled the trees from the top down, and the bobcat operator/team leader who so expertly and efficiently transported all the cut trees and debris even doing a bit of landscape/drainage repair work for us. Tree work can be dangerous work and this team seemed to take safety very seriously. All in all, it was a very impressive and smooth operation. The cost was reasonable and the quick response to our project was also a factor in selecting A+. Ken and Angel can get you started. They also checked in during and after the work to make sure I was satisfied. I was.
- C. Cramer
A+ is a fitting name for this tree service for that is the grade that I would give them for removing a large river birch tree from our front yard. No one could have done a better job. They took great care not to harm any of the many plants that we had in the front yard. That in itself was amazing. It was a pleasure watching this well-orchestrated crew remove the tree. Each person knew his task and performed it perfectly. The person climbing around the tree to attach a rope to a section before cutting it for removal by the crane was like watching a doctor doing surgery. He knew exactly what to do without hesitation. 
- Alan T.
These guys were complete professionals at what they do. had my tree down and completely cleaned up in 30 minutes.i was amazed as were my neighbors who all want there phone number now.the price was better than others also.you cant beat the best price for a great job.
- Steve J.
Angel and Kenneth arrived promptly to provide an estimate. I did get a second estimate from another tree company and found the estimate from A+ Tree Service to be competitive. Their professionalism gave me the confidence I needed that they would do the job in a quality fashion. The crew arrived on time. The larger pine trees were in tight spots that made taking them down a bit challenging. They had to maneuver several other trees while ensuring not to damage the neighbor's yard which backed up to a couple of the trees being removed. These folks were amazing! They did an excellent job in removing the trees and stumps. They cleaned everything up nicely and did little to no damage to my yard during the removal. I was extremely pleased.
- Sylvia H.
A Plus Tree & Crane Services provided outstanding service in removing six large hardwood trees from our yard. All the employees were courteous and professional. They were arrived promptly and were ready to work immediately. Their price was very competitive and we could not have asked for more. We would highly recommend A Plus to anyone needing this service and will use them again in the future.
- James L.
A+ Tree & Crane had done work for a neighbor who gave them a strong recommendation. When contacted, Kenneth came out promptly to estimate our job. He was extremely professional, courteous and personable. Having some very large trees to be removed, we felt his quote was quite competitive. Within a week, the crew came out to do the work. They were all very efficient and polite, exhibiting an outstanding work ethic. Each crew member knew his respective role and they worked together as an effective team. They exhibited safe work practices, and were particularly conscious of protecting our home and property throughout the job. They completed the job by cleaning up any debris. I would not hesitate to recommend A+ Tree & Crane Service for large or small tree removal projects. That is who we would call again for future needs, which shows how pleased we were with their work. 
- J. Brown

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