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Finding a reliable tree service to perform tree trimming and tree removal can be quite the test.  If a company is not experienced or professional, they could leave your trees and landscaping looking very unpleasant. Or, even worse, they could cause major damage to your home, driveway and property.

We use several methods for tree removal. First, we send our experienced estimator to visit the site to determine which tree removal equipment and method that the project requires. Then, in consideration of the difficulty of the tree service property layout, and required time to complete the tree removal, the estimator emails a written estimate.  The estimate is free and is priced according to each phase of the project. 

Following are some of the factors that impact the cost of your tree removal job:

Tree Removal Pricing Factors

  1. Height of the tree
  2. Condition of the tree
  3. Location of the tree
  4. The general complexity of the job
For prompt, affordable & safe tree services, rely on the professionals at A+ Tree & Crane Services.  Call us today at (919) 854-0020, or complete this form to schedule your Free Estimate on your tree removal project.  Our professional team can restore and add vibrancy & beauty to your property in no time!

Residential & Commercial Tree Removal Services Include:

We offer high quality and affordable tree trimming & tree removal services with a range of solutions. 
  • Tree Removal and Stump Grinding 
  • Tree Trimming 
  • Tree Pruning
  • Hauling and Clean Up
  • Emergency Service

Tree Removal by Felling Trees

Some tree removal projects are classified as ‘easy’ projects. For easy projects, the tree cutter is able to remove the tree by cutting the tree at the bottom and allowing the tree to fall safely to the ground. Easy projects are normally faster, less dangerous, and cheaper than more difficult projects.

Tree Removal by Cranes, Bucket Trucks or Climbers

The next difficulty level of tree removal projects are considered ‘medium’ projects, where the tree cannot be cut from the bottom. Medium projects requires the tree to be cut into sections to prevent the falling tree from damaging property or other trees. The tree cutting process starts by cutting and lowering the limbs to the ground. Once most of the limbs are cut off the tree, sections of the tree trunk are cut and lowered to the ground. This tree removal approach requires a tree climber, a bucket truck, a crane, or a combination of these methods. 

Raleigh Tree Services

A+ Tree & Crane is headquartered in Raleigh and provides residential and commercial tree services within a 50 mile radius. We have completed extensive projects in Raleigh. As former Wolfpackers, one of our most noted projects is tree removal and landscaping services for North Carolina State University. Get in touch with us today for Tree Services in Raleigh!

Tree Services via Cranes

Cranes are very useful for preventing damage to property near the removed tree. A crane is often used to cut trees that are near the street, the house, air conditioning units and gas meters, and between two houses. A+ Tree & Crane uses cranes to remove trees by placing the crane in the driveway or driving the crane into the yard. Sometimes, the crane may be too heavy for a driveway; therefore, the crane may be placed on the yard. 

Tree Services via Bucket Trucks & Climbers

Bucket trucks are often used in situations where a truck can be driven and setup close to the serviced tree. The bucket truck is useful for removing small sections of trees and lowering them to the ground. Sometimes the bucket truck is used in conjunction with a crane when necessary. Bucket trucks vary in height from 55 feet to approximately 85 feet. Sometimes, a climber or crane is required to top and remove trees that have grown taller than the range of the bucket truck. A tree climber may also be used in situations where the tree is too far away to be reached by a crane or by bucket truck. A climber may be used to remove trees from a back yard where the trees are located behind a fence or other trees. 

Tree Services via The Spider

The Spider is a piece of equipment used to reach great heights, up to 90 ft, and can be compacted to fit through any standard gate. The Spider can be achieved on heavily slopped or terraced terrain and is great for nice lawns because it does not leave any tracks. It is light weight and can pass over soft, muddy or delicate surfaces without damage. The spider is used when a crane cannot be placed to remove a tree or the tree is not safe to climb. The spider is also great for pruning trees, topping trees, and removing branches. The Spider is a great option for customers who lawns are delicate or who have trees in their yard that are hard to access with other equipment. View pictures in the slideshow below to see the Spider in action.

Hauling Away Debris

Hauling away of tree removal and tree trimming debris is always included in the price of your tree service. We have our own trucks and haul all tree service debris such as logs, stumps, and limbs off the property after your tree service. We can transport soil and other landscaping material to the job site, or remove debris from the job site to the designated landfills. We can also haul away unwanted dirt, gravel, sand, concrete, and metal for an additional fee. Let us handle your tree trimming services in NC.

Site Clean-Up

After your tree removal service, we leave your property nicer than we found it. A+ Tree and Crane Services, Inc., preserve your existing landscape while removing large trees, grinding stumps, trimming and other tree services.

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